My story

I'm Jan Marcos Riveras. I was born in the Dominican Republic, more specifically Cabarete, a beautiful area on the north shore of the island with constant winds and great waves, which I have been enjoying since I was a child. When I was eight years old, I started working at the beach in Cabarete, and that is when I began to discover surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing with other riders from the area and tourists who came to enjoy the conditions of my hometown.

How it all started...

Thanks to the arrival of the tourists in my hometown, who let me borrow their gear for surfing and kitesurfing, I was able to start learning. I continued to work on the beach for years, and in my spare time, I continued practicing with the material provided by schools, friends, and tourists. One day, a tourist gave me his gear as a gift, without even knowing me.​

How one person's generosity changed my life...​

He could not imagine that this gesture would have meant so much to me, making me at the end a professional kitesurfer, becoming the Freestyle Junior Dominican Champion in 2003, and then Wave Master World Champion in 2009. I moved to Tarifa in 2009, where I met my wife and still nowadays live with my family.​

My first competitions​

In 2015, I was invited to the first strapless event in Tarifa, where I had a lot of fun, meeting old and new friends. In 2016, supported by the company now named Duotone Kiteboarding, I competed in the first GKA Would Tour, ending with the 4th place Rider of the Year, on 2019 I ended up in the 4th place again. Since then, I’m consistently in the top 6 of the GKA World Tour ranking.​

Giving back to the community​

In 2019, I started my own business, Kite&More, to help my customers and friends find the best material to enjoy and progress in their favorite sport. And who knows... perhaps one day I will return the favor that someone did to me.​

The Store

See you in Tarifa or somewhere in the water

Jan Marcos Riveras